First blog post

My blog is hereby established.

I’ve never started a blog before, so this is my first “first blog post.” I’ll probably be bad at it.

But here’s me: I’m a philosophy professor, I have a bachelor’s degree in economics, and I have an unhealthy interest/obsession with politics. So I’ll be writing mostly about issues at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. But I’m not holding myself to that. Really, this is a place for me to polish thoughts that have been rolling around in my head by writing them down. Then I’ll put them up on the internet, because maybe someone else will be interested. If not, that’s fine, too.

If I’m going to spend my time thinking about politics instead of writing philosophy, I should at least be writing down my thoughts about politics. That way, it’s not wasting time; it’s writing practice.

I’m anonymous here only because I don’t want this blog to pop up the first time someone on a hiring committee does a search for my name. I don’t know if this blog would help me or hurt me in such a context, and I’m risk-averse. So anonymity it is.

Expect a few posts in quick succession here, since I already wrote one or two short things in anticipation of starting. After that, updates when I feel like it. No idea how often that will be.


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